PS/PE/Aluminium Film Laminating Machine

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This machine is mainly for PE or PS sheet lamination, the material can be covered with PE film, PS film and aluminum foil. To make the product beautiful or enhance the thickness and so on.

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Definition of laminating machine

Laminating machines can be divided into two categories: instant-coating laminating machines and pre-coating laminating machines. It is a special equipment for paper and film. The ready-to-coat laminating machine includes three parts: gluing, drying, and hot pressing. It has a wide application range and stable and reliable processing performance. It is a widely used laminating equipment in China. Pre-coating type laminating machine, no gluing and drying parts, small size, low cost, flexible and convenient operation, not only suitable for laminating processing of large quantities of printed matter, but also suitable for laminating small batches and scattered printed matter such as automated desktop office systems Processing is very promising.

Classification of Laminating Methods

The laminating process completed by various materials and equipment is divided into several categories according to the temperature and purpose of the raw materials (consumables) used, and the following categories are introduced.

Cold mounting

The method of laminating the protective film on the surface of the picture by cold pressing at room temperature is called cold laminating. Among them, there are single-sided mounting and double-sided mounting. In the operation method, there are also manual peeling and self-removing film mounting. The cold laminating process has the characteristics of simple operation, good effect and low cost. It is widely used in the post-production of advertising light boxes, engineering drawings and wedding photography.

Hot mount

That is to say, the mounting method of the dedicated thermal film on the equipment heated to a certain temperature (about 100-180°C) is called thermal mounting. It can be divided into single-sided thermal mounting and double-sided thermal mounting, because of its light permeability and water resistance. Good, good heat resistance, strong hardness, suitable for post-production of advertising pictures relying on lighting or other occasions. However, heat lamination equipment and consumables are more expensive, complicated to operate, high energy consumption, and high cost.

Hot and cold integrated laminating machine

Similar to thermal mounting, but generally miniaturized. The largest plastic packaging equipment on the market is 24 inches. It is packaged by special plastic film heating and is mainly used for packaging documents, small-size pictures or documents.

Vacuum coating

It uses a special vacuum laminating machine to vacuum between the film and the painting and then shape it at a certain temperature to complete the film. The operation method is complicated, the cost is high, and the picture size is limited, but the mounting quality is high, and the picture texture is strong, which is suitable for photos.

Techanical Data

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Heating method

Tubular Heater

Laminated Sheet Thickness



Laminated Film

PS/LDPE/HDPE  (thickness:10-100 micro )




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