PS Foam Fruit Tray Making Machine

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PS Foam Fruit Tray Making Machine is a symple small machine which mainly be used to produce ps foam fruit tray, cosmetic products tray or medicine tray. It can be used to protect the products not to be damaged. This machine size is small and also the work capacity is small.The mold of this machine  is wood and it mainly work together with ps foam sheet extruder and laminating machine. The main market is the fruit production and transport base.

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This machine is designed for the special market such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand etc. and also china some different city which have many fruits. We have many fruit tray making machine in our local Yantai City.

Many farmers have their own fruits yard and they buy small PS Fruit tray making machine to make PS Fruit tray by themselves and then for the fruit packing. They generally buy the PS Roll in local. Because of  the market need, there are some ps roll manufacture generate to satisfy the market need. So we also sold 105/120 PS Foam Sheet Extruder at our Local Yantai City and they work 24 hours every day with maximum capacity 6ton by 105/120 model.

By changing different mold, you also can get different products. Except the different size fruit tray, you also can get the cosmetics tray, square tray and long tray for drugs etc. The usage of this kind of tray are very wide and our client bought more than 25 wood mold to produce it . if you want to get the very good quality products, you also can order the aluminum mold.

Because of the small cost for this small tray making machine , I t can be started easily.

Start this business just need to prepare the factory with electric, labor, water and find the PS Roll supplier which can supply in longer time. If you want the product more strong, you also can choose the laminating machine to make the product stronger and more beautiful.

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