What is the material to produce PS Foam Food Box and EPS Foam Cups?

The PS Foam Food Box Material is GPPS (General Purpose Polystyrene) Granules. It is foamed by Butane Gas. So there is butane gas pump needed to inject the gas for foam.

The EPS Foam Cups material is EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) Granules. It is foamed by steam and air. So there is boiler and air compressor needed.

Where can we get the material to start this PS Food Box and EPS Foam Cups Project?

You can search it in your local, your nearby country or we can recommend you supplier in china. You can compare the price and quality to choose the best one.

What is your advantage?

Firstly, We have good quality machine and get good reputation from our client. We passed the client’s test and get more orders from them again and again. That is Win-Win strategy. Second, we have good and long times after-sales service. This is the important part because client have too many questions and they need technician to assist then resolve the problem ASAP and they can meet with many questions because they are not very familiar with the new machine.

How can we confirm the model of the machine we can need?

can confirm you budget and we recommend you the best proposal.

You can choose the products you want to produce and tell us the size and your requirement to the capacity per hour/day/month. We will calculate and recommend the model for you.

We can send you our client’s factory machine running video and you choose the one you like and confirm which design you need.

Where is your factory? How can I get there?

We are located in Longkou Yantai City, Shandong Province. The nearest airport is Yantai Penglai International Airport. From Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to us need 4 hours and from Beijing airport to us need 2 hours and from shanghai airport to us need 2 hours too. We can pick you up to our factory. From airport to our factory need 45minutes by driving.