EPE Foam Sheet Thickenning Machine

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This machine is mainly used for EPE foam sheet compounded to increase the thickness. It is mainly used for the package of electrical products and some fragile products.

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EPE thickening machine is mainly used for thickening the bonding of EPE foam sheet (film). The thickened foam sheet (film) can increase its strength and increase the corresponding thickness. It is widely used in the packaging of furniture, vegetables, fruits, positioning packaging of electronic products, flooring, floor heating and other fields.

This machine is mainly used for the composite thickening of EPE foamed sheets, that is, two or more layers of sheets are melt-bonded to achieve the purpose of increasing the thickness. The composite products are mainly used for electronic products, glass and ceramic utensils and bags. industry. This machine has reasonable structure, high production efficiency and simple operation. It is an ideal equipment for producing thick materials.

Technical Parameters

Product width: 1000-2000mm

Heating method: hot air heating

Total power:  26KW

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1. The heating box is constructed of stainless steel and will not be deformed when heated. Does not rust. The wind blown by the fan is evenly distributed through the distribution box, and the hot air is blown out from the small holes at the upper end through the hot box, so that the surface of the pearl cotton sheet is melted, and it is squeezed by the stick to stick together.

2. The grinding process of the hot composite steel roller makes it convenient and quick to thicken the finished product.

3. The electronic automatic constant temperature device ensures a constant temperature in the heating box.

4. Pneumatic system design is precise and stable.

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